NLP Corporate Training

NLP Corporate Training

I offer customized NLP training to corporates who want to leverage their team's capability, understand their customer's behavior, and increase sales.


“Most business problems are indeed people problems… and most people problems are communication problems”.  

The more efficiently communicate with others, the more confident and rewarding we experience. The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) tools can transform daily work activities from average to extraordinary results.   

NLP training goes beyond motivation and team-building exercise. I educate participants in the significant patterns of persuasive language and behavior and elicit competency in applying the learned patterns. The experiential exercises in this training will facilitate immediate effectiveness in leadership and communication skills.  

As part of my Corporate Social Responsibility and “Happy to Work” initiative, I offer a one-day FREE NLP Foundation workshop to organizations. The foundational workshop gives a comprehensive understanding to business professionals on effectively using NLP tools and techniques to comprehend others’ intentions and mind patterns. 

    Your next step after attending the Free NLP Foundation Workshop: 

    You and your organization can take the next step towards a breakthrough with one of my Advanced NLP training courses: 

    • NLP Business Practitioner for Corporate 
    • Sales Mastery with NLP 
    • NLP for Customer Service 
    • NLP & Coaching for Leadership Development 
    • NLP Retreat for Corporate 
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