Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Lead with heart, lead with clarity. I support leaders to reframe their leadership acumen. Enhance your Leadership, Team Dynamics, Performance, and Business Acumen.

Leadership Development

Expand your horizons as a leader: Strengthen your leadership

As a leader, you do not transition into a coach completely. Learn to use coaching as a tool to reinvent yourself as a mindful leader. I help leaders to take ownership of their actions and identify ways to improve.

Lead with Confidence

Every leader needs to focus on where they currently have influence and where they would like to develop it. With coaching, you can identify the blindspots where you have low power and build self-awareness and confidence to lead.


From leading to inspiring. Lead people. Lead Businesses.

With over 20 years of working with global leaders and organizations, Adel empowers leaders with experiential leadership development programs to enable emerging and inclusive leaders. The leadership development programs enable leaders, managers, decision-makers, and executives to identify and hone their unique leadership styles and bring out the best in others.

    Leadership Coaching

    Influence a cultural change, foster a productive environment, and learn the art of open dialogue. From facilitating behavior changes to creating a personalized leadership development strategy, gain the knowledge and tools that take you beyond leadership.


    Business Mastery Coaching

    Business Mastery Coaching prepares you for the ‘ins-and-outs’ of running a business. Master the art of business coaching that helps you to create actionable strategies and the results you can create. And make your business grow even during the change.

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    Coaching for Managers

    Whether it’s professional development or organizational wellness, more managers and executives are adapting coaching. I empower managers to develop interpersonal skills, become an active listener and communicator. Learn to create a mindset of willingness.


    Team Coaching

    Equip yourself to develop your own strategy for creating high-performing teams and instill organizational culture. Coach teams with confidence and clarity. Help teams to stay organized, aligned, and motivated to reach their goals.

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